Getting the right kind of Technical Support can be a challenge. There’s nothing more frustrating than attempting to have a discussion with an automated machine; getting transferred from person to person; or talking to someone who doesn’t have the information you need.  We completely agree.  We know how much can be lost in translation and how important it is communicate on a human level.


We designed our Technical Support to avoid all of the unneeded hassle.  We get you connected directly to a real person, so you can have a real conversation. And with real conversations, comes a better understanding of the nuances of your challenge and the customized answers you need.  Our team is made up of real engineering experts, who provide objective answers, without a sales pitch served up on the side, or manufacturer bias. You’ll get friendly, honest, clear information and knowledgeable product guidance.


But don’t just take our word for it. Your comments speak for themselves…

  • You do have an excellent tech support. The fact that we can communicate with a live person via phone or live chat is the best there is and your people are able to give us what we need in no time at all. More power to you and we thank you very much.
  • I lacked some information before contacting the rep.  She was very patient as we dug deeper together.
  • I have never used a service of this kind before. It was really efficient and I got the answers very quickly.
  • I have tried getting similar data from other suppliers in the past and this was by a long way the best service I have had.
  • The operator knew exactly what I wanted and understood the product I was buying.
  • Fantastic! I've been looking for something for a while using all possible search combinations (or so I thought), but the person I chatted with found what I was looking for immediately.
  • Great! I tried RS and they were useless.  Thanks!
  • Support was very quick, and I got exactly what I needed.


It’s all free, fast and designed to make doing business easier. When you need an answer, you need it now.  That’s why we’re here. Our Technical Support team is available 24/5 through our online Live Chat feature accessible in North America at, in Europe at, or in Asia Pacific at


Or, if you prefer speaking by phone, you’ll be connected directly and quickly, with no waiting. Wherever you are, our Technical Support is available globally and in multiple languages.


Through your feedback, we’ve been inspired to develop more and more ways to make doing business easier. If you have more thoughts– let us know.  We’re all ears.