Every day customers like you give us feedback – through our sales agents, website, satisfaction surveys, and in community forums and social networks. You may not know it, but we pay close attention to what you have to say and try to understand the pressures that keep you up at night.


Juggling multiple projects, dealing with insane deadlines, battling never-ending cost pressures? We know that at times your job is the opposite of easy. And while we may not be able to prevent all your headaches, our team of 4,000+ employees around the world is united to find ways that we can make it easier for you to do business.


You may have noticed some of the changes we have made already – like improved search on our websites, direct access to technical support and thousands of technical documents and discussions online. But other changes like a broader product selection, PCB services, and purchasing solutions may have slipped under by undetected. 


That’s what the element14 evolution area is for.


Here we have pulled together all the enhancements in one place to show how we are changing as a business – an evolution that is based on your feedback and making things easier for you as we transition our businesses in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific to globally to become element14.


So take a few minutes to look around at what we’ve done and what is yet to come. Join the group to get updates on our progress. And whether you like what you see or not, we invite you to tell us what you think. After all, we won’t be sure if we are on the right track if you don’t tell us. So keep on talking, and we’ll keep on listening.