If you’re a design engineer, finding solutions and products to complete a project quickly is half the battle. In fact, this challenge is what inspired the engineers at element14 to develop the Knode, our search engine and technical library that connects you with the latest development kits, technical information and resources from the world’s leading manufacturers, to accelerate your design process.


Since launching the Knode in the summer of 2011, we’ve been listening to your feedback through focus groups, online discussions and one-to-one conversations to find ways to improve its utility. As a result we’ve:

  • added a cleaner, more streamlined interface making it easier to find your way around;
  • grouped information according to where you are in the design cycle –the research, design or build phase;
  • added more dev kits, more links to information and an easy way to get your PCBs fabricated or assembled from leading partners; and
  • made it easier to use helpful tools like My Lists, where you can save any part, component or documents you are interested in.


And of course, you can still find info on the latest dev kits, dev tools, operating systems, training videos and events, with links to related discussions on our Community.


In the design phase, you’ll find application notes, user manuals, example code and schematic design help using CadSoft EAGLE. And when you are searching for dev kits or dev tools, you can find schematics, bill of materials, example and source code, related models, product briefs, user guides and tutorials, as well as the application libraries to help you get your design running in as short of time as possible.


Check out the other helpful resources at www.element14.com/knode. And keep telling us how we can make it better for you.