For most businesses, cost-savings and squeezing out every cent of efficiency is the new normal. We are all being asked to do more with less and manage spending in the most efficient way possible.

The eProcurement Solutions we’ve developed over the years directly impact the process costs and the spend management challenges that buyers and procurement professionals face.

How do we know? Because you’ve told us.


Our global eProcurement team has worked with companies around the world to develop and implement solutions of all different sizes, offering the choice and flexibility to fit your needs. Our eProcurement Solutions include:


Punchout/Roundtrip Catalog - allows your company’s users to search our inventory for available parts and build shopping carts that will flow back to your internal systems for approval.


Customer Managed Catalog - offers customization depending upon your company’s requirements.



iBuy - designed to enable complete cost control, reduced administration time and total visibility of your company’s spend; completely flexible and personalized to your company’s needs.


Purchase-to-Pay Integration – provides full automation of ordering and payment processes.


e-Pass - reduces the time and cost of searching for available products with our APIs.


Whichever solution you use, the aim is the same – simplifying processes to save you valuable time and money.


And we won’t stop there. Tell us what new purchasing challenges you face. So we can work together to find an easier solution.


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