Last month we asked: What is the most important thing your components distributor should do to make your life easier?

And your top three responses were clear. (In order of priority)

  1. More intuitive website
  2. Easy access to tech support
  3. More technical documents

We’ve got access to tech support covered (read more). And between element14 Community, the Knode and our global distribution websites we have hundreds of thousands of technical documents for you to access.

So, that just leaves the website – and improving usability and functionality that will save you time and hassle.


We’ve already taken steps to enhance our websites (read more), but there’s more that can be done to meet your specific needs for better parametric search, more filters, compatible product links, pictures and sample code.


Enhancing our websites is an ongoing process, but your feedback helps us focus on the things that matter to you most. So, let us know what you most want to see improved online by taking our current poll. And then keep checking the Evolution area for an update on how we are changing for the better.