Hi guys,


This is my first post I've been watching the Ben Heck show a lot on Youtube and felt inspired to try a Raspberry pi project. When I moved into my apartment I ran a lot of Cat 6 cable through out the apartment including one through the front door so that I can replace the doorbell housing with Logitech Alert 750n(picture below). It was perfect because it fit in the opening and could be powered over the cat 6 cable using a POE injector on the other end near the router. Recently the camera stopped working, I read in many places that this model had a bad board and was known to fail often. I tried finding a replacement for it online, but Logitech stopped making them and the market price went up to $800 for this model. I figured I can go a different route and try to build a POE camera DVR using a Raspberry PI, a POE splitter, memory card and camera module.

I have not worked with the PI before even though I watched many videos. I wanted to ask for some advice about the setup:

1) Do I need to get any other parts?

2) What software do I need to make the PI work as a DVR?

3) what kind of housing can I use to both protect the setup and mount it to the door?

4) is there anything I can do with my broken Logitech Alert 750n or salvage any of the parts for this project?


Thanks in advance