Hey Ben! I love your show! I've been watching it consistently for over a year now and I have loved every minute of it! Anyways, I have an idea for you to do as a project. I know you get a bunch of requests every week and you may have already received a request like this but here it goes: I would like you to build your own "Ben Heck" version of the "Google Glass"! I've seen a couple people make their own using a raspberry pi before but none of them seemed to fit what I want it to do. I was thinking about your portable raspberry pi and how it would be pretty sweet if you were able to control it using your glasses. Also, maybe you could make it compatible with iPhone 5? Would there be any way to control it from a set of Bluetooth "Tech Gloves"? (You could type on the counter-top without needing an actual keyboard.)

     So there you have it, some of it may be far-fetched (the tech glove thing) but I would thoroughly enjoy learning and watching you make your own version of Google Glass! I think being able to read and send text messages without getting out your phone would be AWESOME! (I am fully aware of SIRI).

     Thanks again for your fantastic shows!


-Jake Lowry