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Ben Heck is element14's master modder and creator of all things awesome! Over the years Ben has presented a number of helpful tutorials from getting started with Arduino, to wiring and schematics. Here we take a look at the 10 of the most useful tutorials you need to help you in your projects and hack like Heck!





1. The Basic Tools For Tinkering

Ben shows you all the must-have tools you need in your toolbox to start modding, hacking, and building projects. These include your soldering iron, pliers, drills and of course your hands!






2. Everyday Electronics Tips

Ben talks about different types of wire and shows you how to use them in your projects. In this tutorial, he covers extending wires, USB connections and he even shows you how to strip wires with your teeth!

Wire We Here.JPG





3. Everything Need To Know About Arduino

Ben teaches you everything you need to know to start using Arduino microcontrollers in your projects.






4. The Principles of Schematics

Ben goes over schematics, a basic part of any electronics project. He shows what the symbols mean and how to go from schematic to working project.






5. Getting Started With CadSoft EAGLE

When your project gets past the prototype stage, it's best to get a PCB printed to design and print it. On today's episode, Ben shows you how to use EAGLE software to export the industry-standard files you need.






6. How NOT to fry your projects!

The Ben Heck Show presents a public service announcement to help you avoid frying your electronics projects.






7. Surface Mount Soldering Tips and Tricks

Ben shows you how to solder surface mount components with his home-brew solder reflow oven. He goes through the steps of placing parts with solder paste and shares his know-how along the way. After the board comes out of the oven, he demonstrates how to fix solder bridges and other imperfections. He adds some through-hole components and goes over the pros and cons of both methods of soldering.






8. Introduction to Programming

This is your go-to guide to getting started in programming computer code. From C++ to Java, we've got you covered. Ben goes over everything you need to know to get started with programming.






9. Introduction To Interfaces

Ben shows you the basics of SPI I2C and  RS-232RS-232 some common interfaces you can use with your electronics projects







10. Design Tips for Electronics Enthusiasts

As a graphic designer turned engineer, Ben has a treasure trove of tips and tricks for making your electronics projects look awesome. In this episode he'll provide insight on the process of designing, explain some parameters to keep in mind, as well as share his thoughts in creating an aesthetically pleasing design.






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