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The  Can Crusher Build never turned out the way Ben and team wanted it to and is in need of an update. In an upcoming episode of The Ben Heck Show,  Ben and team will be creating "Can Crusher 2.0" and they need your help! Let Ben know your idea for what he should do for "Can Crusher 2.0"  by following the directions below.

Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas around "Can Crusher 2.0" Ben and team will be going through and evaluating the comments...check out how Ben used your ideas for the build!

Episode 153: Ben Heck’s Crowdsourced Can Crusher Part 1 Episode




Step 1:  Log in or register on element14, it's easy and free.


Step 2: Post your suggestion in the comments section below. Videos, pictures and  text are all welcomed forms of submission. Comments or instructions should be limited to 200 words or less and contain no more than 2 diagrams.


Step 3:  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!  We will accept ideas until 12:01am Central Time  on August 18, 2014.  If you need something to do between now and then make sure to check out what is happening on This week on element14 Community, or watch more Ben Heck at


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