My name is Samuel Doye. I was lucky enough to win a ZX Spectrum 48k Mug and bag as part of Bens recent Spectrum portable build. Both the bag and mug are incredible. I have decided to use the bag as the new home for my Z88, a computer made by Sir Clive after he sold the spectrum name to amstrad. I you are interested, here is a link to the wikipedia article.Cambridge Z88 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I am finally able to take it with me wherever I go, and both my BASIC skills and my style has improved as a result. It also makes a convenient carry case for my 128k spectrum, massive heatsink and all. If you have a little less imagination it seems to be the right size for a laptop and a few peripherals.



As for the mug it is now my goto for whenever I need a nice hot cup of tea. (Pun not intended) It holds a good amount of tea and makes untangling someone elses mess of code with no comments a little less painful.



The good folks at Element 14 were even king enough to throw in an amazing Ben heck show sticker. The difficulty is finding a worthy place to stick something so epic.


Thank you Element 14 for giving me all this amazing stuff. And Ben, keep up the good work, the portable spectrum was amazing!