Year-in-Review-2015-header.pngTHE BEN HECK SHOW

Ben's been seriously busy this year, so picking just ten of his top efforts to highlight 2015 has taken a lot longer than my schedule allows.


But Ben's like TED, or a can of Pringles. Once you start, you can't stop.


So after a 48-hour Ben Heck binge marathon, I've picked out the following to take a stand for our 2015 Year in Review here on element14, but I want to hear your top Heck-ables in the comments below.


Episode 164: Ben Heck's Xbox One Portable Part 1 Episode

Technically this one kicked off back in 2014, but parts two and three spilled over into this year, so that makes it fair game. And, for some reason, I feel inclined to draw extra attention to this awesome hack, given that you can actually win it!


Episode 169: Ben Heck's FPGA LCD Driver Hack Episode

FPGA is an increasingly popular topic here at element14, as demonstrated by our Community Awards, so hats off to Ben for being ahead of the game on this one.



Episode 170: Ben Heck's Raspberry Pi MAME Portable Part 1 Episode

It's still Christmas, and there's something about the festive period that, in my mind anyway, closely ties the season to video games. So Ben's fruitful take on the Game Boy demands a mention.



Episode 176: Ben Heck’s Single-Handed Pinball Mod Episode

Gaming of a different kind here, which puts a superbly inclusive twist on the classic pinball machine, went down a storm on our social channels, and got a great response from the members.



Episode 185: Ben Heck’s Raspberry Pi Media Center Episode

2015 was a big year for the Raspberry Pi, not least because of its outstanding media player capabilities, admirably demonstrated by Ben and team in this superb episode.



Episode 188: Ben Heck's 16-Bit Console Wars Episode

Simply because this is a questions that's plagued tech heads for decades, and needs answering so we can all move on with our lives!



Episode 197: Ben Heck's BeagleBone Black Geocache Episode

Geocaching went techno this year at element14, so Ben's contribution has to go in our top 10 list while we yearn for Spring, and the outdoors once again...



Episode 204: Ben Heck's ZX Spectrum 2.0 Part 1 Episode

What can I say? I'm a sucker for old tech, and the ZX Spectrum takes me right back to the the 80s, and a misspent youth. Plus, we Brits worked hard to train our transatlantic cousins to say "zed" instead of "zee", so this is an episode worth remembering.



Episode 200: Ben Heck's Roomba Nerf Dart Collector Part 1 Episode

Technology is all about enabling the lazy, and this hack epitomises those efforts we all make to stand up less, while doing more.



Episode 216: Ben Heck's Star Wars Christmas Special Episode

Well, what else can we do? This Christmas has a distinct flavour of blue milk anyway, so Ben's Star Wars special is the only option when it comes to rounding out our Year in Review of his top electronics shenanigans. Got your own favourites? Tell us below. And remember...

The Force will be with you. Always.