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Click here for part 2.   Normally I don't write posts and blogs so bare with me, this is new territory for me.   I have somewhat of a scatterbrain when it comes to projects and ideas. Before I can finish the first one, I usually come up with a million more and before you know it, I have more than I can handle. One of my projects involve an entire Home Automation system completely DIY to be able to handle things like security, lighting, general comfort and awareness and even the HVAC ...

TBHS Behind the Scenes

Posted by makerkaren Jan 26, 2016
Photos from a few weeks ago: Ben and Felix working hard on the design for this week's episode.   ...

Vintage Electronics

Posted by makerkaren Jan 14, 2016
Hello there TBHS fans and community members!   In tomorrow's episode, you'll get to watch Ben work on a pretty neat piece of vintage electronics. What piece of electronics is it, you ask? You'll have to wait and see. What we here at the Ben Heck Show would like to know is, what piece of vintage electronics would you like to see repaired or revamped on the show? Have you had an interesting idea for combining an antiquated piece of electronics with a new technology? Let us know in the commen ...

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