So a while back I watched the Rugged PS3 video and decided to make my own. Now the next time I build one of these (hopefully soon), it will be built much better and efficiently.  In this current case I have a turtle beach headset transmitter, Bluetooth speaker hooked up to a Bluetooth Transmitter to provide wireless audio.  Also I have a cooling fan and a USB hub.  I am currently making plans for a new gaming case which will house a PS4, the PS3 in this case, Wii U, and a PC around the size of an Intel NUC. I will not be using foam to mount the consoles I will probably use Aluminum Sheets or something else to create a frame for the devices. Other Accessories for the new case include, HDMI Switcher, more fans, some USB Hubs, a better speaker, and some other things. I just want to thank Ben for his cool videos that really inspired this project


Case #1.pngCase #2.pngIMG_20160314_175333851.jpgIMG_20160314_175341803.jpgIMG_20160314_175413389.jpg