Hello, I hope this is the right place to post things like this. I drafted an email last year that I intended to send to you but didn't know where to send it, then got busy with coursework etc., but I finally thought I'd send you my idea and see what you think!


Dear Ben Heck,

I have recently come across your show on youtube, and during my easter break (which I should have probably been doing more coursework than I have) I have been binge watching your show... In order to help me to catch up on the work I have missed, I came up with an idea for a machine that could increase my productivity one-hundredfold! The idea is quite simple, but the creation of it is beyond what I am capable of, but I thought I would send it to you and see how you like the idea. Since VR has become this big thing in the last year or so, I thought that it would be interesting to devise a contraption that worked in a similar way to VR, by wearing a headset with a screen and audio, and using a tactile peripheral in order to aid learning by the rote memorisation of text. The idea being that you could have words show on a screen, have the same text turned into speech via software, and also a 'keyboard and gauntlet' peripheral which is attached to a series of strings and pulleys to move your fingers to where the letter would be on a keyboard. The most important thing I can think of in this is that all three function absolutely simultaneously, and that the word speed is variable.

Please respond, even if you don't think you will go ahead with the idea, and I have attached an image of some rudimentary sketches to attempt to detail this (but I must say that I am no graphic designer like you used to be!),

Thank you,

Matthew Brake