Throughout his time on element14, Ben has made a habit of generously gifting his completed builds to community members. His latest random act of kindness was to give cacope a medication reminder device to make his busy mornings a little easier. You've always got to be careful when giving stimulants to children to treat ADHD and if your mornings are as hectic as most people with children running around, there's always a risk you'll forget or in the case of a two parent household, double dose which isn't good for anyone especially small children. Its with this in mind that Ben Heck asked that element14 team to reach out to the community member came of with the suggestion and see to it that he received the device.


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While automatic pill dispensers exist, The Ben Heck Team built a device using load cells the box continuously to detect if pills are removed by weight. The Pill-Minder 2000 contained boxes for each day (AM and PM) of the week and logs the weight for each day. If the weight doesn't change for a given day then the device knows and can alert you by sounding an alarm. By using a real time clock, accessed via the 12C bus, the device knows what time of the week it is, and an am/pm alarm tells you what time to take your pills. cacope was happy to receive his gift, a free Ben Heck T-shirt, and some element14 swag! The Pill-Minder 2000 is a very useful build and its going to home where it can hopefully be put to good use!




Ben Heck's Pill-Minder 2000 Episode