I really enjoyed watching the Apple 1 Laptop build!


But I thought it would be cool to see it do more than "HELLO WORLD"


I thought a good idea would be to make a mini external floppy drive, but using an SD card instead of a floppy disc (the SD looks like a mini floppy!)


The 6502 has a location for a cassette at $C000, and I thought the way this could work would be that the "mini floppy drive" would read audio files from the SD card and load something like a basic game on the apple 1 laptop. This would be a great and easy way to transfer over files!


I would love to see this done and to see if its possible. Ben does always say to build things you can take apart!


Hope to see this one day!


p.s would be cool to see an apple lightning cable tied in this project for fun.