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    • I intend to make a video that shows me creating a working project
    • I will post the video on the element14 Community by the submission deadline
    • If my video is one of the top 10 finalists I will receive $500 for my video
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    • Here is my Audition Video:
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Hi, I'm Clemens Mayer host of the MAYER MAKES Youtube-Channel and "Jack of all Trades".

You may know me from some Posts and Videos on the Element14 Community such as:

We Are Makers - How German, Austrian and Swiss makers are rediscovering their roots

Ben Hecks Lunchbox Dev Kit Remixed   by MAYER MAKES


I'm not a professional Engineer nor have I any formal education in electronics design.

It started as a hobby, but soon became my life goal to build cool stuff for a living.

So I'm like a lot of you fellow makers.


The Job that I learned and grew up with was being a winegrower. Yes you are reading correctly, I know how to grow crops and produce delicous wine.
My sole day job used to be selling goods to farmers and farm cooperatives.

But since mid 2017, I have become a part-time maker-pro. The Ben Heck Show is the one to blame for this.

Everything I know about electronics is self-thaught. I started trying out all kind of crafting, woodworking, and other trades until I got the hang of it.

I'm very much into 3D printing, so much so that I became one of Austrias first certified 3D printing trainers.(learn more at www.oeg3d.at)

As you read in the last sentence, I am from Austria. A small mountainous strip of land right in the heart of europe, where no Kangoroos are jumping around ever.

I may not look like it but I'm around thirty years old and started making stuff around 2004, when I costumized my electric guitar.

I'm a pseudo-musician, this means I have built various electric guitars and even a crazy small analogue Synthesizer in a wristwatch.

I had soon realized that I should stay with building these contraptions and should not  play them for the sake of your ears.

And as you may have guessed, english is not my first language, I'm mostly talking german, but I'm sure my english is good enough for some great videos on the Element14-Community.

On my very own mostly german language Youtube-Channel I have posted over 170 project Videos and Tutorials. For about a year I did 2 videos per week ( one project video and one episode of the Maker-Vlog)
I recently plan to up my game further with the "MAYER's 24hour Maker Challenge", where I will try to complete a project I was hesitating with for a long time in less than 24 workhours. This will be fun and skid-induced.

Some of you may have visited my booth at various Maker Faires in Europe  (here is my pretty funny road movie about  Maker Faire Sachsen (East Germany) I'm always in contact with Makers from around the world and I really would love to do great content for a living.


So please my fellow Makers and Engineers let me be your next best thing after the almighty Ben Heck!


flattering of excitement


Clemens "MAYER MAKES" Mayer


www.mayermakes.at (german)

www.mayermakes.com (english)