I now have the major components for the build, so it is time to go start looking at how all the bits could go together and fit to create the compact and truly portable device I want to create.



I know that the spacial fit for the battery is a top consideration, that will decide for me if I need to print a custom back for the controller, or if I can fit the bits in as is. Ideally, I would like the latter.


Perhaps more pressing is a decision on screen. My first instinct was to use a phone as a screen, and this adds to the compact, portable nature of the build that I was aiming for, but also reduces strain on the battery I will use for the main build. I have also obtained a 480X340 screen which can be driven by GPIO (sound familiar?). This would allow the device to be self-contained, even if it compromises on battery and physical size. Here are the 2 options placed together:


Looks good, reduces battery strain, buy is really cheating:

Phone attached screen


Will be harder to work with, but makes a nice self-contained unit.

Self contained screen with controller

The size of each seems appropriate, both compact enough, but large enough.


I think that Using a phone as a screen is, well cheating. If I took this route, I may as well use the phone hardware, and just attach the controller using an OTG adapter and be done with it! Which as a side note, maybe a fun project in itself! What are your thoughts?


So I think the next stage it to crack open the soldering kit and breadboard the key components, and make sure that they can work together. You can all look forward to a video or time-lapse of my bad soldering technique in the final product!