Hi! My name is Maciej Zamecznik and declare following:

  • I intend to make a video that shows me creating a working handheld portable gaming device.
  • I will post the video on the element14 Community site before 9:00 am CST on April 2, 2018
  • If my video is selected as one of the top ten submissions, I will receive $500.00 USD




I intend to build portable Raspberry Pi based gaming device. It will have compact, gameboy-like form (game pad integrated with screen), rechargeable battery and...

NO, WAIT!!! This doesn't sound right! You can put such thing together with off-the-shelf parts without even turning on your soldering iron. I don't think that's what HLH is about. But what should I build then?

I KNOW!!! I'll boldly go portable like no man has gone before!* I'll build the most portable RetorPie ever!*


*) I realise this is probably not true since there are so many talented, creative people - it's just I've never seen such build before**

** I deliberately haven't googled it too -as long as I don't know about any predecessors I consider mine to be first .

Project name: "WARP 3.14"

It stands for: Wearable RetroPie


Project highlights:

Controller: 2 wrist bands

Display: pico projector based near-eye display



About me:

My background is in physics, but all my professional experience (almost 10 years now) is in software development.

I first experienced electronics from the maker side in 2004 on second semester in college during Electronics Lab and then few more times during the course of my education. But it wasn't till 2012 when I learned about Arduino (especially how easy and accessible it is to use it) when I got hooked for good.