[Audition & Updates: Hack Like Heck: Rory O Connor ]


Anyway so that's it, Official time is up on "Hack like Heck" Competition!

Zombie Horse Pirate in ARrrrr!!!

[lol ..nah later.. maybe .. sniff ;P ]


Didn't finish a 3D print/build of Pi Play AR (II) and thus video finalization in time for the competition! doh!


Anyway got as far as a very accessible AR dev mockup and a prototype Pi Play AR (I).

Inspired by the great quality of many "Hack like Heck" builds,  definitely going to develop the Pi Play AR (I & II) further anyway!


Great community of fantastic characters, skills and expertise! Really enjoyed the interactions on E14! Look forward to seeing more builds, innovations and ideas!

Here's a playlist of the YouTube entries and channels! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUqSARZt5KdHgwbSAJD8x3nZE05krEsjl

I will add the Video Project entries too!


Good luck to everybody still in the "Hack like Heck" competition!


I think it's a monumental task logistically especially if you have no experience video documenting or dedicated workshop environments, and even if you do , it's a serious challenge for one person, but very worthwhile figuring everything out!


Really excited now to get right into electronics/hackery more than ever before! the future of AR, starts here! =D


Going to write up a few blogs to help structure the Pi Play AR (I & II) build video/s better!

So watch this space !!! Coming soon!


Pi Play AR (I & II) Introduction : PS1 & VR Headset >>> Mini Pi Station & AR Headset >>> Pi Play AR [1/7]





Pi Play AR (I & II) Retro-Reflections on Sunday through AR!

retropie in ar


Pi Play AR (I & II) Easter Egg Tracking for PS1 controllers!

easter egg tracking on ps1

Pi Play AR (I & II) AR Interaction Inaction & VR Dimensionality Demented Demos

VR demo

Pi Play AR (I & II)  Pi Ninja Slots !

rasberry pi pcb

Pi Play AR (I & II)   PS1 Games ..vs D'interweb! ..x D'interweb!

ps1 3d model vray

Pi Play AR (I & II)   #TheFuture & More!

sny sensors