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Hack Like Heck

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David's HLH Build Part 4

Posted by a531016 Mar 31, 2018
I am not even finished yet, but I wanted to share a few lessons learned so far with you:   I am not as good at soldering as I remember being My eyesight is far worse than it used to be Soldering iron burns hurt The accuracy of my measuring technique and tolerances in 3D printer can cause issues when not factored together Breaking a 2 hour 3D printed part in assembly is more painful than the soldering iron.   All that said, it's coming along, even with the fair amount of "dynamic ...

David's HLH Build Part 3

Posted by a531016 Mar 27, 2018
I am going to keep this update brief as a bit of a tease!   The breadboard is now complete, so I can now focus on how all the working components are going to squeeze in and work together.     I have also spent some time in Autodesk Fusion 360 designing the 3D printed parts.     As I stated in my declaration, I wanted to learn and improve what I know, and I am certainly doing that. I don't want to give too much away, but all will be revealed in the video!   ...

David's HLH Build Part 2

Posted by a531016 Mar 25, 2018
I am having a few bad days at this!   I started with the ribbon cable, only to find that it is solid core (which will break in my design in no time). So I deciding that I needed a stranded cable, which I had to get hold of today.   In the meantime, I did a few tests with the screen and a RPI model B+, to see what performance I could get from it. At least once I have this all connected and working, I have a fighting chance of getting the software right first time!   The good new ...

David's HLH Build Part 1

Posted by a531016 Mar 23, 2018
I now have the major components for the build, so it is time to go start looking at how all the bits could go together and fit to create the compact and truly portable device I want to create.     I know that the spacial fit for the battery is a top consideration, that will decide for me if I need to print a custom back for the controller, or if I can fit the bits in as is. Ideally, I would like the latter.   Perhaps more pressing is a decision on screen. My first instinct was ...
I intend to make a video that shows me creating a working hand held, portable gaming device I will post the video on the element14 Community by the submission deadline, 2-April-2018 If my video is one of the top 10 finalists I will receive $500 for my video   I have (now) also posted an audition video.   That all sounds well and good, perhaps it would have been better to say I intend to try and Hack Like Heck? Or maybe that I am intending to make a handheld portable that might work ...