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Specified in the terms of RoHS2, was a condition that within three years of the original entry into force (or by 22nd July 2014), an impact assessment and review of RoHS 2 scope (including restricted substances) would take place. The first stage took place between October and January, but worry not for the second consultation period is underway right now until April. Depending on the outcome of the review and assessment, the scope may be altered and further restricted substances proposed. Make sure you get your opinions heard.


Also revealed this week was the news from BIS that an updated RoHS2 FAQ document which aims to further clarify questions surrounding RoHS Directive should be released by the European Commission around June this year.


Don’t forget to register for the upcoming Export Controls in the EU webinar hosted by our own Trevor Wood, EU Compliance Manager. In this 30 minute webinar, Trevor will look at the reasons behind having export controls; who decides which items are controlled and which items are affected; the process for exporting a controlled item; plus any useful tips which you may have not already though of; as well as important contacts and reference points for further information.


Other snippets of information the team have covered this week include design considerations for batteries and how the Eco Design Directive affects lighting and in particular the demise of the incandescent light bulb.