I would like to know how to design and build a amp that would take a signal let say 5hz and push it up to a 3000hz sound and then pushed to a final amp for play back on a speaker at a reasonable volume.


I have been watching television and these ghost hunting shows are always recording sounds then playing them back the theory is that  you can  take  sounds that are 1hz to 20 hz and convert them up to 2000hz to 4000hz. so that when this is played back through an amplifyer it would be able to be listento live and  help those ghost busters hear evp sounds live.


ok let me have it is this stupid or is it possible to  set something like this up and even possible have it digitally recorded like a multi tract that ever .5hz is recorded and played live at the stepped up hz.


1hz  = 2000hz

1.5hz = 2050hz

2hz = 2100hz

2.5hz = 2150hz

3hz = 2200hz

3.5hz = 2250hz

4 hz = 2300 hz

ect. . .


Thank you,