Hello to all,


as the topic says, we have a new EAGLE release available now. Our development team used the last weeks and months in improving the intial EAGLE V6. We are really happy to have 6.2.0 released now. For all who are interested I add the list of changes compared to previous EAGLE 6.1.0 here. To be honest that's quite a lot of bugfixing and improvement included. I strongly recommend to use this version from now on.


Feel free to download your new release:  CadSoft EAGLE PCB Design Software|Support, Shop, Tutorials



Release notes for EAGLE 6.2.0



* Miscellaneous:


  - Added an icon for cutout polygons to the parameter bar of the POLYGON command

    in board and package editor. If the layer is changed to a non signal layer,

    the pour style switches to the default "solid".

  - Support for so-called "External Devices": Devices without package, used to

    document external measuring or simulation configurations.

  - New ULP teardrops.ulp for teardrop-shaped connections between vias/pads and

    attached wire segments.

  - New ULP centroid-screamingcircuits-smd.ulp for export of a netlist

    in Centroid format.

  - Online help:

     - Improved description of command line option '-U'.

     - Added change note from V5 to V6 on object hierarchy for User Language.

     - More detailed description of ULP group functions ingroup(), setgroup()

       and clrgroup().


* Bugfixes:


  - Fixed a possible crash after removing a device in the library editor.

  - Fixed routing to off-grid contacts, in particular rotated ones.

  - Fixed a crash if running the CAM processor with a board containing

    an invalid polygon.

  - Fixed a bug in the Autorouter/Follow-me router ignoring holes in packages.

  - Added handling of blanks in device, gate, package and symbol names

    if updating files from older versions by substitution with '_'.

  - Enhanced resolution in dialog input fields according to the increased

    resolution of coordinates.

  - Fixed copying from the empty variant in the connect dialog (library editor).

  - Fixed handling of alignment tag of attributes if reading a V6 drawing

  - Fixed subtracting mirrored texts from polygons if placed in packages.

  - Fix for crash in CAM processor in case of polygons with 'positive coordinates'

    switched off.

  - Fixed copying instances if selected with an offset (jump effect of instances in COPY).

  - Resolve consistency problem after CHANGE PACKAGE for packages with pads names

    starting with '+' or '-'.

  - Ensure that the new polygon pour style "cutout" is only used if the polygon is

    in a signal layer (1-16).

  - Fixed deleting polygon edges: Drop the currently calculated polygon data for correct

    update after delete.

  - Copy-Paste: Adapt net class of pasted net if net with same name already exists.

  - ULP: Fix syntax problem for instances() loop of UL_SHEET.

  - Fixed renaming of signal polygons: The polygon sometimes vanishes if already calculated.

  - Fixed UNDO/REDO renaming of calculated signal polygons: Drop the obsolete calculation.

  - Fixed a crash if mirroring instances during MOVE command if a pin is directly connected

    to another.

  - Fixed possible corruptness of symbol names after drag&drop of devices from

    control panel into the library editor.

  - Fixed the DRC calculation of 'Stop Mask' errors of long/offset pads.

  - Fixed position of dimensions if generating a CAM processor output

    with option 'positive coordinates' on.

  - Fixed a crash in library editor if running a script with many changes

    between edit modes (device, package, symbol).

  - Fixed autorouting boards with packages containing polygons as pad shapes.

  - Resolve consistency problem after REPLACE in special cases.

  - Fix for REPLACE of devices that don't match in their gates positions

    or names (wrong matching leading to library update failure).

  - Fix for missing devices in the ADD dialog if they are without technologies.

  - Fixed a performance issue if loading a board coming from an older version

    with many rotated elements with contacts connected to large signals.

  - Fixed open file problem due to erroneous handling of UTF8 characters.

  - Added handling of blanks in pin, pad and smd names

    if updating files from older versions by substitution with '_'.

  - Added handling of empty gate names if loading files from older versions

    by substitution with 'G$$1' (exotic to minimize ambiguities).

  - ULP: Set the proper sheet context if looping through pinrefs of a net.

  - ULP: Fixed looping through variants of an element in a ULP.

  - ULP: Provide the proper device context to access pinref.pin.contact.

  - Improved syntax of the VARIANT command to allow variant names beginning

    with '+' or '-'.

  - Fixed displaying the library description in the ADD dialog for libraries with

    a symbol description.

  - Fixed the CONNECT command if gate names starting with '.' are used.

  - Fix handling umlauts or 'ß' in library names when loading files from older


  - Fixed library update problem related to several parts using same deviceset

    but different gate combinations.

  - Fixed clearing content of the parameter toolbar while processing a command


  - Fixed handling multiple pads connected to the same pin by adding an

    additional attribute 'routetag' to the XML data format.

  - Fixed changing the value of attributes of instances.

  - Fixed updating of drawings coming from older versions containing smashed

    Elements/Instances with multiple identical placeholder texts like NAME or VALUE.

  - Fixed changing assembly variants: update the drawing accordingly.

  - Fixed UNDO/REDO of assembly variant changes.

  - Fixed layer visibility of not populated elements in current assembly variant.

  - Fixed handling assembly variants in ULPs: provide the cross drawn over

    not populated parts in the schematic as wires of the according instance symbols.

    Skip the objects in layers like tPlace/bPlace if looping through the objects

    of not populated elements in the board.

  - Proper support for case insensitive handling of assembly variant names in the

    VARIANT dialog.

  - Fix for inconsistency problem after PINSWAP and UNDO.

  - Fixed handling assembly variants in the CAM processor: Draw a cross over not

    populated parts in the schematic and do not draw the objects of not populated

    elements in layers like tPlace/bPlace.

  - Enhanced the CAM processor GUI to allow selecting a specific assembly variant

    and to display the currently selected assembly variant in the status bar.

  - Fixed sorting 'numeric string' arrays in the user language for strings

    containing a numeric sequence greater than 2147483647.

  - Fixed drawing the cross of not populated and smashed parts in the schematic

    after moving one of its texts: the size of the cross does no longer take

    the texts of smashed parts into account.

  - Fixed exporting the pad names on pins if generating CAM processor output.

  - Added missing ULP constants (ALIGN_...).

  - Restored the possibility to provoke the connectivity of nets on pins by

    pseudo movements of instances (selecting and releasing at the same location).

  - Fix for consistency problem after library update (REPLACE or explicit UPDATE)

    due to improper update of changed symbols.

  - Fixed wrong orientation of texts after UNDO of a PASTE command.

  - Fixed SMASH of instances/elements with placeholder texts with an align

    other than the default align bottom-left.

  - Fixed a net class inconsistency if a supply net with a net class other than 0

    already exists and is continued on another sheet by adding supply devices

    pin to pin.

  - Set net class of newly created supply nets by placing supply devices pin to pin

    to the current net class.

  - Fixed a crash when copying special ('grubby') polygons.

  - Fixed the CLASS command to handle clearances to classes greater than 9.

  - Fixed drawing of dimensions while modifying them (avoiding artefacts).

  - Added a missing window refresh after changing of dimension settings.

  - Fixed renaming nets for the case 'every Segment on this Sheet'.

  - ULP functions netget/netpost: Workaround for wrong SSL error "Handshake failed"

    for SSL connections due to erroneous OpenSSL lib on Windows XP SP3.

    If the error occurs the user can decide wether to continue anyway.

    This also fixes connection problems with DesignLink.

  - Fix for proper group selection by ULP function setgroup.

  - GROUP selection with ctrl-click: Fix for clicks getting lost,

    fix for handling of polygons.

  - Fixed reading the description of the Design Rules.

  - Fixed automatic generation of element names in project context: The names of

    parts without package (e.g. supply devices or frames) were not taken into account.

  - Fix for possible loss of changes in board editor after loading another project

    pair from unchanged schematic editor and vice versa.

  - Fix for "empty screen effect" due to degenerated arcs from older EAGLE versions.

  - Extend too tight radius limitation for circles.

  - Fixed crash in SHOW after selection of one entity and deselection with Ctrl-click.

  - Fixed drawing of very large rectangles.

  - Fixed a crash in ULP function setgroup() if executed from library editor and

    nothing edited.


Best regards and Happy EAGLEing


Richard Hammerl