I am trying to diagnose the problem with a Bosch cooker hood, please can someone help.


There is a capacitor across the initial mains feed which I believe is a suppression capacitor for the fan. Details on the current capacitor are:


D.E.M. 710Y2

01uF (x2) + 2.2 MOhm

2 x 0.0047uF (Y2)

250V HPF 25/085/21C


I am not convinced that this is the cause of the problem as the fan is working and not causing interference, it is the lights which have stopped working.  However, the outer casing of the capacitor has significant bulges which leads me to believe there may be a problem with it.  Does that sound reasonable and does anyone know where I might get a replacement as no manufacturer seems to recognise the capacitor.


As far as the lights are concerned, the switch bleeps as you turn the lights on/off but no lights come on so it would not appear to be the switch.  I have tried changing the bulbs but that has no effect.  I cannot find how to get to the switch panel behind the fascia to look for any loose connection or burnt out component.  Any advice would be very welcome.  Thanks