This project took me a few weeks to complete mostly because of the minor learning curve for the IR transmitter and receiver on an Arduino. I used three IR sensors to track where a object was and then turned the two micro servos (with eyes attached) in that direction. I need to add that in the video, I accidentally referred to the batteries as lithium-Ion batteries when really they were lithium-polymer batteries.


I completed this using:


Arduino MKR ZERO

Arduino MKR ZEROArduino MKR ZERO


3x IR Transmitters

TSAL6400 - Infrared EmitterTSAL6400 - Infrared Emitter


3x IR Receivers

TSOP38238 - Infrared ReceiverTSOP38238 - Infrared Receiver


2x Lithium-Polymer Batteries

Adafruit Rechargeable Battery Adafruit Rechargeable Battery


2x Micro Servos

Adafruit Micro ServoAdafruit Micro Servo



Several Halloween store eyes, creepy cloth, and a mason jar were used.


My arduino code for the servos and sensors is attached below.