Spooky Halloween




            Putting the LEDs inside a Pumpkin was an old type of project/design here I can up with an exciting design like this:




Inside the pumpkin not put LEDs only but also create some spooky effect/Mist effect so it looks more attractive with the different combinations of LEDs and the MIST effect coming out from Pumpkin.




Working & Diagram/Design:-




·         Using the BLE network of CYPRESS PSoC 4 BLE kit. We can connect the multiple PUMPKIN and create special effects at the night and make it more beautiful.








·         Here is the list of required components for oscillator circuit:


Ø  1x NE555


Ø  1x IRLZ44N


Ø  1x 113kHz Piezoelectric Disc


Ø  1x 5kΩTrimmer


Ø  1x 10Ω Resistor


Ø  1x 220µH Inductor


Ø  2x 100nF, 1x 10nF Capacitor




·         After the connectivity, I plan to connect BLE with some oscillator circuit as shown in below Fig.1,




·         This oscillator circuit further connects with the Piezoelectric sensor/Vibration sensor that can generate the MIST effect inside water/liquid with a combination of LEDs.


The whole diagram as shown in Fig. 2,





Advantage of the PSoC 4 BLE kit :


·         Arduino shields compatibility


·         Flexible power Modes


·         Capacitive touch sensing


·         Bluetooth Low Energy radio subsystem




Software to be used :


·         PSoC programmer


·         CySmart Mobile App


·         PSoC creator


·         CySmart master emulation tool