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Halloween - Projects and Videos

2 Posts authored by: rsc
This was supposed to be a Google Android Things contest entry: I found out, however, that I could finish the project in time for Halloween with just some Python code, so here it is.... I found some inexpensive battery-operated motion sensing LED lights at the local hardware store. I removed the circuit board from the housing, unsoldered the battery clips and replaced the LEDs with Molex headers. I used a rather scary creepy ...

Drone Skull - Scary Copter

Posted by rsc Oct 5, 2017
When you really want to scare some kids, this is a fun project that's not too expensive. First purchase a lightweight plastic skull, I got mine at Target store.\ Then add a couple of bright red LEDs to the eye sockets and wire up a small 3V battery, CR2032 or similar. I made supports under my quadcopter to hold the skull using plastic tubing and some 18awg magnet wire. Here's a picture of the skull with the LEDs on: Here's a picture of the skull and quadcopter: It worked very well, alt ...