Beginning this week, element14 is launching a new section in its Learning Center, called Tech Connection . The Tech Connection will contain a new feature called Tech Spotlights, as well as our long standing Tech Journals, which cover the most current issues in electronics engineering today.


What are Tech Spotlights?

Tech Spotlights are short articles that provide a summary or detailed overview of a technical topic, ranging from communication protocols, Internet of Things technologies, semiconductor technologies, and more.  Tech Spotlights are meant to "shine" a light on your understanding of the topic. You can read Tech Spotlights quickly. They are also meant to explain terminology that you may have read about but are not fully acquainted with. At their heart, Tech Spotlights should teach you something new or give you a new insight on something you learned long ago. The most important purpose of Tech Spotlights was our hope that they would give the element14 community another way to learn more about engineering and technology.


Tech Spotlights will be regularly updated. In the beginning, new articles will be posted every other week. But as we fine tune the delivery process, we will post a new article every week. Our charter Tech Spotlight article is Tech Spotlight: Sensor Fusion . Upcoming articles will include: The MQTT Protocol, Silicon Carbide Technology, The Z-Wave Protocol, EtherNet/IP, CANOpen, Linear Actuators, and more.


Tech Journals for You

The Tech Journal has been a long standing feature of element14. It is written by experts in the electronics and engineering that vividly highlight tech trends that are of interest to the design engineer.  These quarterly journals explain the importance of core technologies, how they work, how to use them, as well as predictions relevant to their implementation. Since both Tech Spotlights and the Tech journal cover the newest technologies today, we decided to group these two pieces of content together. I hope you enjoy.


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Randall Scasny

element14 Team