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Manitoba’s Electrical and Electronic Equipment Stewardship Regulation covers a range of consumer electrical and electronic equipment, which includes:



  • televisions
  • desktop computers and laptop and other portable computers
  • desktop computer monitors
  • computer printers
  • peripherals for desktop computers, laptop and other portable computers and computer printers
  • personal digital assistants and other similar handheld devices
  • cellular telephones, and other telephones primarily intended for personal use
  • microwave ovens
  • video display equipment
  • video cassette recorders and players
  • digital video players and recorders
  • audio equipment, including, but not limited to, radios, receivers, amplifiers, speakers, component audio cassette players, component compact disk players and recorders, portable
  • cassette players, mp3 players and other digital music recorders and players
  • facsimile machines
  • photocopy machines
  • digital cameras
  • analog and digital video cameras



Manufacturers/importers must participate in a stewardship program. Stewards must produce an initial plan, then fund, and report on an annual basis.


The government has implemented a “Special Operating Agency” called Green Manitoba to serve “as a catalyst, knowledge portal and service delivery agent for government departments and a wide range of public and private sector organizations to help create a cleaner and greener Manitoba.” This site provides more information on what is recyclable and how in the province.



Note that, in addition to the above list, consumer rechargeable batteries under 5kg weight as well as fluorescent lamps and CFLs are also recyclable, per The Waste Reduction and Prevention Act. More information is available at the Green Manitoba site previously mentioned.



The launch of the Manitoba section of EPRA is scheduled for August 1, 2012.


Note that the Electronic Products Recycling Association is a recently established national not-for-profit, industry-funded organization. It has been established by electronics manufacturers and retailers chartered with national responsibility for improving the efficiency of the e-waste reclamation and recycling process. While each province’s regulations are different, membership in EPRA gives manufacturers “one-stop shopping” to fulfill their obligations for most, if not all, of the regulations listed above.



Michael Kirschner is President of Design Chain Associates (DCA). DCA provides services that help Electronics OEMs and other product manufacturers increase engineering, procurement, and production efficiency, product and operational environmental performance, and corporate profitability by ensuring that the right decisions about supply base and the environment are made during the earliest stages of the product lifecycle, and are built-in to corporate strategies and tactics.




For more information, see our Manitoba electronics law overview or check out our province by province electronics law map.




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