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Europe Electronics Legislation

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USB and ethernet cable

Posted by gnevison May 17, 2013
  The RoHS FAQs make it clear that in general finished cables (e.g. terminated not just simple cable on a reel) are in scope and that data cables are Category  3 or 4.  So the CE mark should be applied to USB and Ethernet cables. Cables specifically intended for a product which is in a different category or excluded would be in the same category as that product.  Normally this would not be the case for generic use cable like USB or Ethernet unless there was some particul ...
  Here we address a popular question in respect of spare parts under the RoHS Recast Directive. Spare parts for category 9 equipment are covered by Article 4.4 d and e. These spare parts will not need to comply if used to repair EEE that was placed on the market before its category was included in scope, so for category 9, this is either 2014 (consumer) or 2017 (industrial). The open scope has no impact on spare parts in 2019.    Find out more EU RoHS Directive information. ...