IPRs in the parlance of Intellectual Property Attorneys, and other IPR experts, generally includes Patents, Design Rights, Trade Marks and Copyrights.

Intellectual Property Attorneys are also well versed in the other Intellectual Property, IP, that is created within a business such as the know-how, trade secrets, methodology, schemes, efficiency in staff deployment, company management, manufacturing, distribution, sales policies and any other facet of business operations that generate wealth for the business and its stakeholders.


Whereas there are provisions for the registration of Patents, Design Rights and Trade Marks, there are no registration provisions for the know-how, etc. that is created and used within the business and provisions, by way of in-house security, terms and conditions in contracts of employment and confidentiality agreements, must be established in order to protect the know-how, etc.


Registration of Patents, Design Rights and Trade Marks in the UK is through the UK-IPO, viz. the Patent Office in Newport, see their web site at for details of the services provided by the UK-IPO.


Copyright, on the other hand, is a right that is established automatically upon the creation of a ‘work’ and is effective throughout the world without registration at the UK-IPO or elsewhere. There is, however, one country, the USA, where Copyright may be registered at the US Copyright Office. Such registration is mandatory if action is to be taken for infringement of a Copyright in the USA; otherwise, no action for infringement is possible.


The UK-IPO also provides Search, Opinion and Mediation Services, details of which may be seen on their web site. In addition, details of outreach events to be held in different parts of the Country are published on their home page.


Advice and information is freely available from the various sections of the UK-IPO, simply call 0300 300 2000 during office hours and ask for help. When making a call to the UK-IPO, you may talk freely about any creation or development upon which you require advice and/or information. This is because the IPO staff must treat any disclosure in absolute confidence as between themselves and the caller.



*John Grant is Senior Patent Attorney at Trevor Baylis Brands (TBB) plc. TBB has provided advice to thousands of individuals and companies on the best way to develop their business and protect their intellectual property. Building Enterprise (BE) Ltd is a new development from TBB  offering a one-stop shop for innovation development,  helping to take initial ideas through to a successful commercial outcome.*






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