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Our tenth post in our Series for information relating to the format of Safety Datasheets looks at the next section of the Safety datasheet looking at Stability and Reactivity


Section 10: Stability and Reactivity


This Section should describe the stability of the substance and possibility of hazardous reactions occurring during use or in the event of environmental release

This section should contain:



  • Section 10.1-Reactivity
    • Specific data for substance or mixture if available
    • General data for class of chemical
    • Consider substances, containers and contaminants that product may be exposed to during storage and transportation and use when considering incompatibles


  • Section 10.2-Chemical Stability
    • Indicate if under normal ambient and anticipated storage and handling conditions the material is stable or unstable
    • Provide information on presence or necessary use of stabilisers
    • Indicate significance of any change to physical appearance in relevant








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