The term “professional use” has required clarification for quite some time. For example it needs to be understood when assessing monitoring and control instruments that fall within scope during July 2017…..READ ON!

Professional use should incorporate professional teaching to others, such as how to use the equipment. In this context, the equipment should be considered as for professional use.

It is noted that teaching is changing as a profession and that Category 9 electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) established for the purpose of teaching will be regarded as for professional use and will need to comply from July 2017.

The European Commission has advised that if EEE is used within a school or university, whether frequent or occasional, it would be regarded as professional equipment not a consumer product. The issue of whether the definition of professional use applies in the context of professional equipment being used by non-professionals with professional supervision was addressed by the Commission and it advised that this would be regarded as professional use.

The good news here is that certain test equipment in the Farnell portfolio was compliant ahead of schedule and that can prove a key selling point. We had equipment that was compliant for 2014 while, as per the guidance above, it is not now required until July 2017.




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