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On December 8th 2011, the European Commission published a revision to Regulation 428/2009 which establishes 6 Union General Export Authorisations (UGEAs) for use by all Member States.  The revision is published as Regulation 1323/2011 and establishes the following:


  • UGEA EU001.  This Authorisation is exactly the same as the current CGEA but is renamed to be a UGEA.  No other changes to this Authorisation


  • UGEA EU002.   This Authorisation covers a range of goods to six destinations – Argentina, Croatia, Iceland, South Africa, South Korea and Turkey.


  • UGEA EU003.  This covers most goods on the EU List when being exported after Repair/replacement under warranty.  The Authorisation is available for use to 24 countries.


  • UGEA EU004.  This covers the temporary export of most goods on Annex I where they are going for an Exhibition or Fair to 24 countries.


  • UGEA EU005.  This Authorisation covers specific Telecommunication goods classified under some entries in Cat 5 Part 1 to 9 destinations.


  • UGEA EU006.  This Authorisation covers around 80 controlled chemicals to Argentina, Croatia, Iceland, South Africa, South Korea and Turkey.


The UGEAs are similar to Open General Export Licences used in the UK.  The UGEAs come into force 30 days after publication which will be the 7th January 2012.  As with UK OGELs, there certain conditions that must be met to use these licences which include registration and record keeping.


Some of the UGEAs cover exports that are already allowed on existing UK OGELS.  The UK government is currently looking at amending the UK OGELs so that there will not be double coverage.


These revised OGELs will be issued to be effective from 7th January 2012.


If you are in doubt over which licence to use, you can check using the Export Control Organisations OGEL Checker .  The OGEL Checker reflects the current status of UK Legislation and will be updated on 7th January to add the new UGEAs.


The full text of the amending Regulation can be found here. 





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