Hello everybody,


We are pleased to announce that a new update of CircuitStudio is now available for download.

You can install version 1.3.0 via the Update System in CircuitStudio.


To install the update:


1. Select View>>Start to open the Home page


2. Go to Extensions & Updates


3. From the Extensions & Updates page, click the Updates tab


4. Click the CircuitStudio 1.3.0 update link to start the update process


5. Restart CircuitStudio (restart notification window will pop up)


Release Notes


#145 Added advanced manufacturing PCB design rules.

#147 Added in-app license purchase and renewal.

#148 Updates were made to the CircuitStudio Home page.

#150 Fixed issues with importing Eagle designs.

#167 Added support for IPC-2581 output (see instructions below).

#182 Added ability to import CircuitMaker PCB files.

#191 Redesigned the Projects page.

#193 Added support for importing Eagle hierarchical schematic format.


To install the IPC-2581(output) extension for CircuitStudio 1.3:


1. The Home page should be displayed after the restart. If not, select Home>>Start (or View>>Start) to open the Home page


2. From the My Account pull down menu, select Extensions & Updates


3. Click on the Purchased tab


4. Left click on the upper right corner of the IPC-2581 icon


5. The extension will be downloaded


6. Restart CircuitStudio




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