We’re happy to announce an update for CircuitStudio, CircuitStudio 1.5. Although this is not a major feature packed release -that's on its way- its still an important, and to be honest a much needed one. CircuitStudio is alive and still being developed. What this means is more regular updates, we even have planned another update to CircuitStudio by the end of this year.


I’m sure you guys want to know what’s new and what’s coming. So let me just jump into it. CircuitStudio 1.5 is currently out and ready for you to enjoy. In addition to general maintenance, there are three main features for this release of you should be aware of:


Selection Filter

Define what you want selected before you make a selection. This preselection filter enables you to accurately select everything you need, and nothing you don’t. This is a great filter when you want to pick out a certain type of object on a crowded board. For instance you can select a certain group of vias and then change the hole size for all the vias at once.


The selection filter can be accessed from the Home tab. To select a specific type of object click on the object type from the list. You may select one or multiple types of objects at once. To be able to select all object types select All Objects.



Layer sets

The Layer Sets Manager dialog allows designers to create, edit, and remove layer sets. Using layer sets allows designers to view only specific layers included in these sets. This is useful when only working on specific layers to help reduce clutter in the workspace.


To access the Layer Sets Manager right click on the layer tabs bar on the bottom of the workspace. Then click on Layer Sets > Board Layer Sets… Once the Layer Sets Manager is open you may create a new set or edit an existing one by checking the layers you want to include from the right.




Give you fabricators and project managers a much better understanding of your design intent by sharing with them a 3D PDF. Allow anyone on the team to view your PCB design with 3D PDFs as part of your output documentation. Interactively view board shape and components from any compatible PDF viewer.


A 3D PDF may be created as part of a batch output by using the Generate outputs button on the Project tab or by itself through the Printing button on the Outputs tab. Once the file is generated it will be ready to be sent or opened.


In addition to the good news above, we have even more good news for you. There is a roadmap for CircuitStudio and yes we will be releasing this. We want everyone to be up to date with CircuitStudio, no more wondering what’s going to happen. We’re excited to continue to improve CircuitStudio and empower the community with a powerful yet affordable design tool.



How To Install


You are able to update directly within CircuitStudio or have a clean installation by going to our download page. If you prefer to update your CircuitStudio installation:


  1. Select View>>Start to open the Home page
  2. While signed in, select Extensions and Updates from the My Account pull-down menu
  3. From the Extensions & Updates page, click the Updates tab
  4. Click the CircuitStudio 1.5.0 (Build 13) update link to start the update process
  5. Restart CircuitStudio (restart notification window will pop up)



New to CircuitStudio?


Why not download the free 30 day evaluation and give it a try, discover what you've been missing!


Expired Maintenance?


It's quick and easy to renew your maintenancerenew your maintenance to get access to this update. Don't worry if it your existing maintenance subscription has lapsed, you can purchase a new 12-month maintenance subscription and it will start from the date of purchase (no back dating, no surcharges, no fuss).