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Hello, could you please advise on the following topic:

First time I make a ground plane in circuit studio. I really follow the tutorial.

I select the pour polygon as you see. Ok here I named the plane GND, even with a different name fails


So I select the 4 corners, right click and voila :



The pcb is full of errors and I don't see why it also ties to other nodes as well, it should be tied only to GND. Could it be that I need to change some DRC rules? But honestly I don't think so.

Yes, all my ground nodes are named as GND, no need to share the schematics.
I have a 2 layer pcb. Yes, I tried to play a bit with the settings , remove dead copper etc. Same problem. No need to say that a DRC check with this is a disaster.

Please, any substantial recommendations are welcome !