We are pleased to announce that a new version of CircuitStudio is now available. This hotfix addresses the withdrawal by Digi-Key of their supplier API that was used as a data feed for Digi-Key supplier links within CircuitStudio. As a bonus CircuitStudio users also gain access to a much wider range of supplier data than before.


V1.5.2 is available to everyone with an active maintenance subscription. You can install version 1.5.2 (build 30) via the Update System in CircuitStudio or perform a new install. It is possible to install this version in parallel with your existing installation by running a new install and selecting a different folder location.


To install the update from within CircuitStudio:

  1. Select View | Start to open the Home page
  2. When signed in select My Account >> Extensions and Updates.
  3. Click the CircuitStudio update link to start the process
  4. Restart CircuitStudio when prompted to allow the installer to run


To perform a fresh install:

  1. Visit https://www.altium.com/circuitstudio/download-guide to obtain the latest installer.
  2. Once downloaded run the installer
  3. Optionally change the installation folder if you want to keep your existing copy of CircuitStudio


Altium Parts Provider

CircuitStudio 1.5.2 (build 30) hotfix addresses one item: to replace the Suppliers in the Supplier Links feature with a provider that is controlled by Altium. This Altium Parts Provider extension is new to CircuitStudio and can be used to provide the supplier information from a greater number of suppliers. To enable Digi-Key you will need USA selected. If the Digi-Key option does not appear you will need to disable the legacy supplier link as explained below (File > System Preferences dialog).



The System Preferences > Data Management > Suppliers dialog includes the Altium Parts Options section at the top, which is used for suppliers that aren't enabled in the legacy system. Legacy suppliers have a higher priority, if they are enabled the corresponding supplier from Altium Parts Options won't be used. In particular it will be necessary to disable the legacy Digi-Key data feed as shown below.

Alternatively you can remove the legacy supplier by disabling the platform extension (this will remove it from the legacy Available Suppliers list).


Any problems getting up and running please post on the forums or contact software@element14.com for assistance.


Release Notes

#739 Added the Altium Parts Provider supplier to CircuitStudio. Direct suppliers (in "Available Suppliers" section of System Preferences > Data Management > Suppliers) have a higher priority, so since Digi-Key direct supplier is no longer supported, please un-tick it.