• I can't get step file export of circular board outline

    There must be something I'm doing wrong.  Looking for help, I need to import .step file into SolidWorks for assembly drawing. Thanks.
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  • Circuit Studio Parameter Manager and Footprint Manager??

    Am I missing it or does Circuit Studio not have the parameter and footprint manager tools that are available in Altium designer?  I get that this is a very stripped down version of Altium, but for $500 it's crazy...
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  • Free Documents

    Every time I open Circuit Studio  the same projects come up open, even though I closed them the last time I was working.  The pcbs I was working on come up as Free documents.  When I open the projects t...
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  • Import of PCB fron AD19 to CS 1.4

    Trying to import a pcb layout from AD 19 to CS 1.4.  Export from AD19 seems to work OK. Can link this to the circuit schematic OK ie created new project and confirm no issues.  Checked that "importing change...
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    created by jwdtemp
  • Output generation problem

    Hi,   I'm currently needing to generate output files for a design in circuit studio. Generally this is no problem on other projects, but on one particular file it gets an error looking for a directory on a compu...
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  • How to create a username and password for CircuitStudio?

    I would like to use CircuitStudio 1.5.  Any possitive comments about this software?   So far, I am hitting a wall since Altium does not provide any support for it, and doesn't want to help in any way.  ...
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  • Interactive routing bug

      I have come across a situation with unexpected (and certainly undesirable) behavior. The issue  has been observed by other users, but no solution has been proposed, as explained below: The project is ...
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  • Circuit Studio 1.5.2? Hangs up and wont start

    I have Circuit Studio 1.5.2 (I think), I updated to the most recent version a week ago. I have been using a lot in that week, but today it hangs up and will not start up.  I am running Windows 10 home version 190...
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  • Circuit Studio problem with Unique Identifiers

    Hello,   I recently duplicated a schematic within the project and foolishly forgot to re-annotate and compile. I have just compiled the project after some weeks and am getting strange complaints:   [Warni...
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  • CS support still active?

    Hi, I have sent several emails to software@element14.com regarding license problems and have never received a reply from them. It's been going on for more than a month now. Are they still around? Anyone else have ...
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  • License

    I cannot use CircuitStudio.I want trying 30 days free mode   and  I completed all requerments but  CircuitStudio call warning  ' This copy of CircuitStudio is unlicensed'.Please help me .
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  • Unable to obtain Trial license for circuit studio

    Hi, I recently downloaded Circuit Studio 30 days trail version and followed all the steps as per the installation guide. After activating the account and logging into the registered account on circuitstudio app the t...
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  • Double billing for CS renewal

    I have was contacted recently by Altium sales to inform me that the payment for the Circuit Studio annual subscription was pending. I was a bit surprised as I have renewed the subscription early June. However I have ...
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  • remove varnish mask on a part of a track

    Hi, I would like to know if there is a solution to remove the varnish mask on a part of a track on circuit studio ? I have not enough place to make the track at the right size so I need to solder a wire on the track...
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  • making custom hole on PCB

    Hi, I would like to know if there is a solution to make a custom hole form ? Actually I need to make a rectangular hole on my PCB, in the pad configuration there is only the square option. Thanks
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  • Altium Circuit Studio Development???

    My license for Circuit Studio has just come up for renewal, and after just double checking there has been next to no activity in the development world around Circuit Studio - is it worth renewing the license or is thi...
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  • Down loading DXF files do not work

    Can i please get some help in down loading a standard DXF file into Circuit Studio.  It says it can do it but it does not work this is very frustrating.   Please can i get some support in doing this very si...
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  • Link to older versions of CircuitStudio not working

    I have a new computer that I would like to load CircuitStudio 1.5.1 onto since this is the latest version that my license will support. The CircuitStudio Knowledge Base has a link to Access to older versions of Circui...
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  • IPC-2581 generation error

    Hello, When I select "Generate outputs-> IPC-2581 files-> Configure" it appears the problem is not finding the dll needed to run the IPC-2581 generation tool. Can you help with this problem?   Thank you in ...
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  • Circuitstudio documentation is not working

    Hi, from yesterday (12/09/2019) all the links of circuitstudio in altium website leads to https://techdocs.altium.com/ Any idea what is going on and when will it be fixed?   thanks,
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