• Big cross on through hole

    Hello, I created 4-layer PCB and connect GND/VCC through hole to the internal plane layers. And I selected Direct Connect for Connect Style. What is this big green/blue cross on via? When I saw 3D view, electrical...
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  • Is there an easier way to add a 3D rendering to a component rather than have to recreate the component in a library?

    I have been trying to add a 3D step file to an already existing part. From digging through all the help files and videos it appears this can only be done when creating a new part. Is there another way that I'm missing?
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  • How do you in PCB type in a part and place it

    How do you in PCB type in a part nmae (C2) and place it. There semms to be not find dialog or short cut.   This must be possible? It so simple
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  • Wishlist for CS?

    In the hopes that CS continues to be maintained can we put together a wishlist for the developers?   For me I'd like to see:   Support for rooms.  It's great having hierarchial schematics but without ...
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  • Step export produces empty file

    Hello,   I've finished a PCB and I'm generating the outputs.   Every component has its 3D model and the 3D view on Circuitstudio look great.   However, I'm not able to export the model as step to be ...
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  • Net labels not snapping to or joining electrical objects

    Normally, when you move a net label such that it's bottom left corner is touching an electrical object (i.e. a wire or the tip of a pin), an electrical connection is automatically made between the net label and the pi...
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  • Getting a Refund?

    I bought a license for the tool last December to work on a client's assignment but this tool is full of bugs and I spend more time restarting the program after it crashes than doing useful work. It used to work after...
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  • Circuit Studio 1.5.2 Altium Part Provider will not load on installation or upgrade

    The Supplier Links have been broken in Circuit Studio.   When upgrading I got errors, so I did a complete uninstall and reinstall of Circuit Studio 1.5.2 (Build 30). The suggested supplier link mechanism is Alt...
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  • Issue starting new trial

    Hello!   I just downloaded CircuitStudio and was attempting to start a trial.  On the main page when I launch the application, it asks for my name/email/etc for the trial.  When I enter it and submit t...
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  • Edit Board Shape

    I have a completed board and I noticed that when I view Board Information it says one of the sides is off by just a tiny bit. So, I went to click Edit Board Shape thinking I could click on the lines and have it snap i...
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  • How do you hide 3D Models?

    I'm running DRC checks and some of the errors fall under 3D Parts. I know I can see the errors in 2D but I would also like to see them in 3D because sometimes they jump out at me more than in the 2D view. So, how can ...
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  • How do I control polygon pour priority

    I'm pretty sure that I read there is not a dialog box to control the priorities and it doesn't appear that clicking send to back or bring to front has any real affect. So, what does control the priority?   I hav...
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  • Import Protel Schematic 98 to Circuit Studio

    I have many schematic designs currently in Protel Schematic 98 format and would like to know if it is possible to import them into Circuit Studio. Thanks!
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  • Trial edition

    Can someone tell me if the trial version of CircuitStudio (1.5.2 build 30) allows the installation of the supplier extensions or the Altium Parts Provider...   It seems these would be relatively important to tes...
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    created by dougie181
  • Graphics inside Schematic Symbols won't print

    We have 2 seats of Circuit Studio Version 1.5.1 (Build 13) and both have this problem. Some, not all, of the schematic symbols will not print any graphics or test inside the rectangle of the symbol but they show in th...
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  • Adding Parts to an Integrated Library

    I have an integrated library (Resistors) to which I want to add parts. The parts are all available as separate files. I loaded the integrated library and expanded it into its component parts, getting a library project...
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  • CircuitStudio 1.5.2 Hotfix Now Available

    We are pleased to announce that a new version of CircuitStudio is now available. This hotfix addresses the withdrawal by Digi-Key of their supplier API that was used as a data feed for Digi-Key supplier links within C...
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  • Clearance difference by layers

    Hi all, In some High voltage design it is necessary to impose a large clearance for high voltage nets. Normally a surface distance have to be considered, like 2.5mm for 250V isolation. But when the same nets run in...
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  • Supplier Linking Multiple Identical Components or Editing/Copying Component Parameters

    What is the recommended method to link multiple components to the same supplier source?  I have tried everything I can think of but there seems to be no easy way to do this:   Select multiple components and...
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  • Cannot see object when embeding generic 3d model

    I'm using CS 1.4. I'm trying to add a 3d step model to a component PCB library. This is my first time using this feature.   I can successfully add cylinders and extrudes. I can add them, manipulate them, and vie...
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