• How to set Schematic Title

    Hey,   Just started using Circuit Studio. I've created a schematic. I set the title in the document parameters, but it doesn't update in the schematic. What am I doing wrong?   Thanks,   John
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  • Unwanted/confusing net selection by "select connected copper"

    Hi Everyone,   I'm having a hard time figuring out what's going on with the "select connected copper" tool.   In the picture below I use this tool and it selects all the tracks from connection a to b, just...
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  • Can I adjust the transparency of a layer in CircuitStudio?

    Hello.   The layer transparency control function is visible, but it does not work. It works just like setting the layer color.   As shown in the picture, the overlapping part is not visible. I want t...
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  • Circuit Studio webpage gives error

    The site https://documentation.circuitstudio.com/ and all of it's hierarchical links give an error of "Error! Not private" or something like this. This didn't happened last week. Can somebody from Altium or element1...
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  • Circuit Studio step file export fail

    Hello! I have some step file export fail. I have never had this issue before. What should I do now?
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  • Altium Circuit Studio Development???

    My license for Circuit Studio has just come up for renewal, and after just double checking there has been next to no activity in the development world around Circuit Studio - is it worth renewing the license or is thi...
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  • Tabloid Printing from Generate Outputs

    I can't get my projects to consistently generate pdf documentation (BOM and Schematics) as an 11x17 tabloid size paper.  I've tried changing the page setup on the BOM and schematic in the generate output dialog (...
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  • Erros do circuitstudio, impressão como resolver , podem me informar um tutorial sobre impressão em detalhes.

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  • Circuit Studio Vaults filtering search issue.

    Does anyone knows a method of column-based filtering search results?   A search can result in a large number of columns being displayed. Every search I need deselect the columns that I don't need, also to avoid...
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    created by fbarcelos
  • All projects and files give errors and wont open correctly

    I have a license for 1.4, and have been happily using the program for almost 2 years. I was last using it about 10 days ago.   Today I went to open the program, and the program threw up a ton of errors about ne...
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  • SVN error

    I am using 2 svn repositories, one with Assembla.   I amble to check out projects, but the files indicated that they are being refreshed and any time you click on 1 it throws a Version control error " Notificati...
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  • Question about license activation for CircuitStudio

    Hi, couple of questions: first question: I am using circuitstudio, and I have imported a standalone license. Do I need to activate it to use Circuitstudio? What is the difference between what I can do and what I can&#...
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    created by joe_fang
  • Supplier extensions

    Having trouble downloading the supplier extensions. From the My Acount->Extensions and Updates->Installed_Configure Platorm page. I select DigiKey or Mouser, and then apply. Circuit Studio reboots, and I get an...
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  • How to make a component keepout that allows tracks?

    Hi, I'm using CS 1.5.2. I'm designing a PCB for a housing that has support pillars placed all over the PCB and need to be sure I don't place components in these areas. Tracks are OK. If I put the contact areas onto...
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  • Can' t select PCB Part with cursor?

    I lost the ability to select a part with the mouse on a PCB.  I can't grab and move a part.  I can "box a part with the cursor", but can't select it  So I do see lines drawn around the part.. I think m...
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  • Schematics are missing in 1.5.2 version

    Hi   I am using Circuit Studio 1.5.2 version.   During power outages, some schematics are missing or details are not displayed even though the project is compiled, saved.       Some compon...
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  • Polygon Pour on a power layer.

    I have four layer board and on the power layer, I want to create an area for +3V3 and +5V   But I cannot select the Power layer?   I must have done something wrong.   BUT it not allowing me to sele...
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  • Design Rule Verification

    Hello. I make multilayer PCB with blind and buried vias. I have a problem with rule verification. The rules was made for each layers separately . That way is convenient for my design. for example 0.1mm: There...
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  • Multi part select not working to place a multiple componets.

    How do you select multiple components in shematic and place them on the PCB board. Cross probe does not do that for some reason, It alway brings me back to the schematic. When I select the PCB tab only one is highli...
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  • Big cross on through hole

    Hello, I created 4-layer PCB and connect GND/VCC through hole to the internal plane layers. And I selected Direct Connect for Connect Style. What is this big green/blue cross on via? When I saw 3D view, electrical...
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