2630900-40.jpgThe Pocket IO™ programmable logic controller (PLC) development platform from Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. addresses the challenges of industrial automation and Industry 4.0 designers who need to keep a manufacturing line running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and provides you with the ability to achieve the smallest form factor and highest power efficiency for next-generation PLC designs.


The Pocket IO™ programmable logic controller (PLC) development board is a reference design that integrates:


  • 30 IO's consisting of four analog inputs, one analog output, eight digital inputs, eight digital outputs,
  • Two RS485 (Profibus-capable field busses)
  • Three encoder motor-control ports
  • Four IO-Link® masters.


Pocket IO connectivity is through USB or its own Wi-Fi® network.


Code can be developed to run on the Intel® Edison using the popular and easy to use open-source Arduino® software IDE.


The Pocket IO provides the following key advantages to increase productivity:


  • Real-time intelligence: Fast data processing provides the necessary data to make intelligent decisions quickly and effectively to optimize yield.
  • Adaptive manufacturing: Manufacturing flexibility allows for real-time changes and adjustments to avoid potential downtime.
  • Distributed control: Ultra-small footprint of less than 10 cubic inches and smart energy consumption brings PLC down to the manufacturing line, re-distributing intelligent control and providing redundancy.



So, the question is: What prototype would you build with the Pocket IO™ development board? Please offer your comments below