c2000.PNGImproving the performance or bandwidth of industrial servo-drive applications like robotic assembly systems, factory automation machinery and material handling systems can make a real impact to your application.


At the heart of the matter of improving servo drive performance is the system’s current loop performance or torque response. The current loop is critical to the performance of the rest of the system depends. Even though several alternative architectures can provide a pathway to a greater current-loop bandwidth, some are more effective and cost-efficient than others.


During the development of a servo motor-drive application, designers face a diverse set of subtle trade-offs, many times placing high performance, cost effectiveness, power efficiency and other factors in direct opposition with one another. Simple yet effective solutions may be hard to come by, but fortunately, TI’s experience and expertise in real-time industrial drive control systems has led to many enhancements to the C2000 family of realtime MCUs.


To learn more about TI's C2000™ real-time microcontrollers (MCUs) family and its enhanced DesignDRIVE development platform that can increase the performance or bandwidth of a servo motor drive’s current control loop, click here.