fundamentals of power supply designTexas Instruments recently released a book on the Fundamentals of Power Supply Design. It 's written by Bob Mammano, a power supply industry expert who is considered the father of the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Controller. It's a interesting mix of power supply fundamentals along with a history of the power supply industry of which Texas Instruments has played an important part in developing.


It's written for the beginner as well as the expert, covering power supply basics such as voltage regulation and power component selection, and also addresses advanced topics such as magnetics design, minimizing EMI, and topology selection.


The book unfolds with an easy introduction to power supply classification, voltage regulation basics and an examination of power supply components. Detailed discussions on switching power supply topologies, control algorithms, feedback loops, and magnetics design make it a comprehensive guide for anyone fascinated by the development power supply technology.


Interested in reading the book? It is currently available by clicking here.