I would like to be considered for a copy of Bob Mammano's Power Supply Design book for the following reasons...


First of all; it looks like the ideal companion book to sit beside my "Art of Electronics".


Also, for many years now when I have needed a power supply I have been rather lazy; opting for a simple linear regulator and wasting power as heat or buying the cheapest board available off the internet. However there is an increasing number of times I'd like to find a better solution - and by that I mean proudly designing an exact solution rather than copying from the internet. This may be because of a compact design to fit in a case, something that requires longer life from a battery (like my current Bluetooth project), something with dual supplies or sometimes a high current capability. Last Christmas I couldn't afford a decent PSU for my 5v Christmas lights and so cobbled together something using multiple 2A linear regulators and a large lump of aluminum.....The phrase "could do better" sums it up.


Another reason I'd love to have a copy of this book is that Bob's expertise in PSU design would undoubtedly assist me in my other electronics task, one I'm sure we are all familiar with...that of mending everything that goes wrong in my house or that of family and friends; a large percentage of which consist of a PSU failure.


Lastly; it is a TI book...say no more.