Back in October, we launched a giveaway contest for the "new" Texas Instruments' Fundamentals of Power Supply Design Book. To compete in the contest, all you had to do was write a blog on the topic of TI power supply design and post it in the Texas Instruments Group.


About the Fundamentals of Power Supply Design Book

This well-written, superbly illustrated, and easy-to-read reference book was written by Bob Mammano, a power supply industry expert, who is considered the father of the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Controller. It's a interesting mix of power supply fundamentals along with a history of the power supply industry of which Texas Instruments has played an important part in developing.


The book unfolds with an easy introduction to power supply classification, voltage regulation basics and an examination of power supply components. Detailed discussions on switching power supply topologies, control algorithms, feedback loops, and magnetics design make it a comprehensive guide for anyone fascinated by the development power supply technology.


The Winners

The contest wrote and interesting  mix of blogs. Here are the winners:


hlipka : Power Supply Design Book - Helping me to deeper understanding of power supply  (Hendrik Lipka)


k.levente : The best DC-DC converter for your next battery powered IoT project (Levente Körmöczi)


rsjawale : My journey with TI power solutions (Rushiraj Jawale)


shabaz : Five scenarios where TI Power Supply circuits came to the rescue (Shabaz Yousaf)


rsc : Why I should win a TI "Fundamentals of Power Supply Design" book


Thanks to everyone who wrote a blog.


We'll be shipping them out to the winners sometime between Nov 27-30.