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We’re proud to announce the launch of our very first awards on element14 Community.


Our awards are about saying thanks and recognizing the members, projects and ideas that made 2012.  They celebrate the best of our Community. And we are asking you, our members, to help select the winners.  


We have 5 award categories to vote on this year.


So, get involved and get voting!



Member of the year:

Our Member of the Year nominees are engineers who have made significant contributions to the element14 community in 2012. From submitting complex projects in our competitions, offering expert advice  or suggestions on how to improve the community, our 5 nominees have really made a difference to element14.


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Most mindblowing project:

We've had some amazing projects featured on element14 in 2012. For this category, we've highlighted three projects that have stood out to us - the QiPi, harnessing the power of the Pi with batteries, the PiWriter aka the world's heaviest notebook and MEGA_Stick (which was bound to be good with a name like that). But you aren’t limited to just our three choices.  If there is another project that you liked this year, then vote on the 'Other' category and write the project name in the comments box.


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Most innovative project:

There have been some incredible products that have launched recently. We've highlighted the five which have made the biggest noise in 2012. Which strikes you as the most innovative product?


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Technology of the year:

The electronics industry is the epitome of change. What is considered revolutionary one year, is commonplace the next. We've picked five technologies which stood out in 2012.  So, which technology do you think has the legs to last?


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The element14 legend award:

'Legend' is a word often used too much, but in the case of our element14 Legend award it is entirely appropriate. We’ve chosen five titans of the electronics world. But who is the biggest legend in your eyes?


Tesla with his pioneering work on AC current? Edison and his development of the lightbulb? Faraday and electromagnetic induction? Ampère and electromagnetism? Or Teal and the first silicon transistor?


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