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Happy Friday to you all.   After much anticipation, I've finally got my hands on the SABRE Lite i.MX6 Platform and all the wires needed to power it up. The only decision to make was Linux or Android, Linux or Android.   Only one problem....Can you spot it?   I'll give you a clue...I'm in the UK ...

What's this called?

Posted by lbittner Jan 23, 2013
Tomato or Tomatoe?  Potato or Potatoe?   Here’s the deal: We all use the same products, but the words we use to describe them can differ vastly, even within the same language.  But we are one community so we want to start making it easier for our members and customers to find things by referrencing them correctly.   So check out the product below. What do you call it ?  All you have to do is respond to this post with the first product name that comes into your ...

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