Below are some questions that users have posted that don’t seem to be answered.


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Added 5/28

S.O.S by farzin amirkalali (farzin is trying to find a replacemnt or information for a SMD transistor on a board)

MCU support SATA III (6GB/s) by Phuc Nguyen (Phuc is trying to find a microcontroller that will support SATA III)


Added 5/17

Wind power & pv system by: sunil123

MRF89XAM9A Receiver Setting Help by joemoney

Umrechnung by: akede

Need a 4 channel multiplexer with a loooot of inputs... by: rjw245

IPC-7351B vs Manufacturer Recommended Land Pattern by: l8jo79j09kcqk3d3

Pressure tollerant MOSFET by: Rune_B


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